A.S.P. Pty Ltd OH&S Policy

At A.S.P. the following is our current OH&S policy.

A.S.P. Pty Ltd OH&S Policy

A.S.P. is committed to providing a safe and healthy workplace for our staff, visitors and contractors. A.S.P. will work towards continually improving the systems, practise and appropriate resources to achieve this. Meeting this commitment requires planning, teamwork and communication, with employees at all levels working together to ensure that a safe environment exists for everyone.

Staff and Contractors

All members are required to take reasonable care for the health and safety of themselves and others, who are at their place of work by,
• Always acting with safety as the top priority.
• Cooperating with colleagues and management in developing and complying with safety legislation, policies, procedures and instructions.
• Identifying and reporting safety risks to their supervisor.

Managers and Supervisors

All members are required to be pro-actively involved in identifying, assessing and controlling local health and safety risks in order to meet their responsibilities for,
• Ensuring that risks associated with work under their control are effectively managed and maintaining a safe, healthy workplace.
• Consulting with workers in accordance with our policies, OH&S legislation, NSW Government requirements and relevant codes of practices, on all matters that impact on their health, safety and welfare at work.
• Facilitating the production of documented safe work method statements (SWMS) based on assessment of the risks inherent to the task in consultation with workers involved.
• Providing appropriate and competent supervision.
• Ensuring that everyone under their direction receives adequate information, instruction, training, skills and awareness to be effective in their area of responsibility.
• Ensuring that all work related incidents, injuries, illness, near misses and life-threatening occurrences and emergencies are correctly reported, investigated and appropriate remedial actions are taken.
• Providing contractors and visitors with appropriate information to facilitate their compliance with local safety arrangements.

Risk Management Approach

A.S.P. shall strive for continuous improvement in the safety of all workplaces under its control. This is to be achieved through integrating safety management systems based on quality and risk management principles into all aspects of work. We will provide adequate resources to support the effective implementation of such safety management systems. As a minimum standard, A.S.P. will provide the level of protection specified by any relevant legislation, industry codes or Government guidelines.


A.S.P. is committed to regular consultation with staff and contractors on OH&S mechanisms. Agreed consultative arrangements include site OH&S committees, Safety representatives and the Central Committee.

Policy Review

The policy shall be reviewed each year, or sooner if any information, incident, injury, illness, legislative or organisational change warrants a review of the policy.

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